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Discussion in 'Skylanders Figures' started by Ghostroaster, Apr 16, 2014.

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    After a few successful Skylanders trades between the Ghostroaster community, I'm happy to announce the Ghostroaster official marketplace!

    In this newly created section, you'll be able to buy, sell and trade all your Skylanders merchandise, from Skylanders figures, games, cards, to much, much more!

    To ensure the marketplace runs smoothly, please read through the rules below before creating a thread:

    Each user may have one thread only.
    1 thread per member, no exceptions. Update your post with any changes to your wants, sale items and trades rather than creating a new one. Delete your post when you have nothing to offer or there is nothing you wish to acquire.

    If you create multiple accounts pretending to be more than one person, you may have all your accounts temporarily or permanently banned depending on the scale of the infraction.

    Add a prefix to your thread.
    When creating a thread, add a prefix so others can determine what you're after more easily. A prefix can be one of 7 options as listed below:
    • Want
    • Sell
    • Trade
    • Want/Sell
    • Sell/Trade
    • Want/Trade
    • Want/Sell/Trade
    Each prefix has been assigned a unique colour. This handy chart outlines the colours (thanks Silverfire for the suggestion!)


    In order to add a prefix, when creating a trade thread, click on the drop down on the left-hand side of the title to add a prefix. Please view image below:


    Update your prefix as your wants, sales and trades change.

    Including a photo with your name of the items you have for sale or trade.
    To ensure the marketplace remains safe for everyone, all sale and trades must be accompanied by a photo (or photos) of the items you have available.

    The image/s must also include a piece of paper with your username as proof that these items do belong to you. This is without exception. Failure to do so will result in your thread being removed.

    Check Trade Rating before trading.
    Be sure to check the Trade Rating before deciding whether or not to trade with someone. The Trade Rating is a reputation system so you can determine if the person you are performing a transaction with is trustworthy or not.

    Do not bump your thread.
    Simply typing 'bump' to move your thread up the forum list may result in your thread being removed.

    You are allowed to add a new comment regarding an update to your thread, ie. an adjustment of pricing, an inclusion to your want list, etc. You must specify what changes you have made or your post may be removed at a moderator's discretion.

    Follow through with your transactions.
    If you agree to a deal with someone, you must follow through. Failure to do so may result in a temporary ban, negative feedback, and/or permanent ban.

    Be responsible for your own trades.
    It is your sole responsibility when conducting a transaction to determine whether or not you want to deal with a particular person on the forum. Ghostroaster.com and its staff are not responsible or liable should a trade go bad. The Ghostroaster marketplace exists as a forum for meeting others. By using the forum, you agree to the terms and rules as outlined on this thread.

    Do not post personal information publicly.
    Do not include your email address, mailing address, contact number or other person information on a thread. Exchange your details via the Private Messaging (PM) system. It is recommended you keep all communication within the forum as a record of all your transactions.

    Use PayPal where money exchange is involved.
    It is the members responsibility to be vigilant and use precaution when conducting a trade or purchase. It is recommended that PayPal be used if money is involved, for security reasons. Refrain from using bank transfer and money orders.

    Do not be abusive to other members.
    Disrespecting others will result in a temporary or permanent ban. If you have a disagreement regarding a trade, please raise any issues with a moderator to address.

    Moderators will attempt to resolve problems between parties, however are under no obligation to do so. Flaming or trolling others may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the marketplace.

    Do not link to illegal material.
    It is against forum rules to link to illegal items. Links to offensive material will be removed and offending members will be dealt with accordingly.

    Leave feedback after a transaction is completed.
    After a transaction is complete, please leave feedback for the other person involved. In order to leave feedback, click on their 'Profile Page' and select 'Leave Feedback'.

    You can choose to leave a positive, neutral or negative rating along with a comment. If a neutral or negative comment has been left, you must provide a reason and justification for why it was not a positive experience.

    If you feel you have unjustly received neutral or negative feedback, please contact myself or one of the moderators (newkill or Nibelilt) to plead your case. Feedback will then be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    These rules can be changed, edited, or added to at any time, with or without prior notice. Please ensure you check back regularly for updates from time to time.

    * Thanks to newkill and Nibelilt for their input in getting this section up and running!
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