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Ghostroaster.com downtime

Discussion in 'Site Help & Feedback' started by Ghostroaster, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Apologies on the downtime with ghostroaster over the last week or so. I'm currently overseas with very little to no internet access. I wasn't even aware it was down during this period until yesterday.

    Managed to get access to Wi-Fi to fix things with the web host but I'll have a stable solution when I return later next week.

    If you sent any messages via Twitter, Facebook or any social media platforms, I'm currently unable to access any of it until I get back. As far as I'm aware, I probably won't have any internet access for the next week after this post.

    Sorry to everyone who was trying to access the website during this time. I feel awful that it went down for such a lengthy duration of time. I hope everyone is excited for Superchargers and I can't wait to get back to read all the feedback on the new game.

    Until then, take care and see everyone real soon! :ghostroaster:

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