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Sell 3 Skylanders Swap Force collection to sell, new & loose

Discussion in 'Skylanders Figures' started by just_bobert, Mar 11, 2016.

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    3 Skylanders Swap Force collection to sell, new & loose
    I extremely overbought by a lot for the kids, friends, friend’s kids, etc, and it seems that I’m at a time with this last game to sell most of my collection, I say “my” but really everyone here. Superchargers wasn’t the kids’ thing, and we might be jumping off the ship, so this will help. I bought on ebay (read overpaid) a lot of these rare skylanders, and at this point, just looking to get what I paid for them, if possible.
    Prices are not firm but are negotiable. This is just a list to get them up on here.
    I will ship worldwide, (ships from USA) bulk deals are welcomed, the more you buy, the more I can discount.
    If you’re looking for any skylander item in particular, chances are I have them.
    I’ve not sold on ghost roaster before, but on other sites and groups and feeds online.
    If you have any questions or are interested in anything, feel free to send me a private message.
    I will edit this list as we find more skylander stuff.
    I had to create 5 different threads due to the 1,000 character limit.


    $50Nintendo Wii Dark Starter Pack New
    $20Microsoft Xbox One Starter Pack New
    $20Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Starter Pack New
    $20Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Starter Pack New
    $20Nintendo Wii Starter Pack New
    $20Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack New

    $10Nintendo Wii Dark Starter Pack without Dark Figures Like New

    $20Lightcore Bumble Blast New
    $250Variant Core Clear Green Chop Chop New
    $250Variant Core Clear Green Rip Tide New
    $200Variant Core Clear Hot Dog Purple Flames New
    $200Variant Core Clear Hot Dog Red Flames New
    $250Variant Core Dune Bug Metallic Red Exclusive Edition Toy Fair 2014 New
    $300Variant Lightore Employee Snowderdash Exclusive Employee Edition Holiday 2013 New
    $15Variant Swapper Enchanted Hoot Loop New
    $15Variant Swapper Jade Fire Kraken New
    $10Variant Core Jolly Bumble Blast New
    $15Variant Swapper Legendary Free Ranger New
    $15Variant Lightore Legendary Grim Creeper New
    $10Variant Core Legendary Zoo Lou New
    $30Variant Swapper Nitro Freeze Blade New
    $50Variant Swapper Nitro Magna Charge Single Pack New
    $15Core Pop Thorn Single Pack (bright colors) New
    $10Variant Core Silver Sprocket New
    $200Variant Core Trigger Happy Fuzzy Flocked Pink Springtime New
    $250Variant Swapper Two Toned Metallic Doom Stone New
    $250Variant Swapper Two Toned Metallic Stink Bomb New

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