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Sell 1 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure collection to sell, new & loose

Discussion in 'Skylanders Figures' started by just_bobert, Mar 11, 2016.

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    1 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure collection to sell, new & loose
    I extremely overbought by a lot for the kids, friends, friend’s kids, etc, and it seems that I’m at a time with this last game to sell most of my collection, I say “my” but really everyone here. Superchargers wasn’t the kids’ thing, and we might be jumping off the ship, so this will help. I bought on ebay (read overpaid) a lot of these rare skylanders, and at this point, just looking to get what I paid for them, if possible.
    Prices are not firm but are negotiable. This is just a list to get them up on here.
    I will ship worldwide, (ships from USA) bulk deals are welcomed, the more you buy, the more I can discount.
    If you’re looking for any skylander item in particular, chances are I have them.
    I’ve not sold on ghost roaster before, but on other sites and groups and feeds online.
    If you have any questions or are interested in anything, feel free to send me a private message.
    I will edit this list as we find more skylander stuff.
    I had to create 5 different threads due to the 1,000 character limit.


    $10Core 3 Pack Drobot, Flameslinger, Stump Smash New
    $50Core 3 Pack Prism Break, Boomer, Voodood New
    $200Variant Core 3 Pack Silver Dino-Rang New
    $15Core 3 Pack Whirlwind, Double Trouble, Drill Sergeant New
    $100Adventure Pack Adventure Pack Darklight Crypt Ghost Roaster, Time Twister, Healing Elixir New
    $15Adventure Pack Adventure Pack Dragon's Peak Sunburn, Winged Boots, Sparx Dragonfly New
    $20Adventure Pack Adventure Pack Empire of Ice Slam Bam, Anvil Rain, Sky-Iron Shield New
    $5Core Camo New
    $5Core Chop Chop New
    $200Variant Core Chrome Spyro E3 & Licensing Show Edition 2012 New
    $200Variant Core Clear Cynder New
    $200Variant Core Clear Stealth Elf New
    $200Variant Core Clear Wham-Shell New
    $5Core Cynder New
    $5Core Dino-Rang New
    $5Core Double Trouble New
    $5Core Drobot New
    $5Core Flameslinger New
    $50Variant Core Flocked Green Stump Smash Frito-Lay Exclusive New
    $200Variant Core Gold Chop Chop New
    $200Variant Core Gold Drill Sergeant New
    $200Variant Core Gold Flameslinger New
    $5Core Hex New
    $5Core Ignitor New
    $10Variant Core Legendary Trigger Happy New
    $200Variant Core Metallic Purple Cynder New York Toy Fair 2012 New
    $200Variant Core Pearl Hex Exclusive Edition Toy Fair 2012 Nuremberg New
    $200Variant Core Silver Boomer New
    $200Variant Core Silver Dino-Rang New
    $5Core Stealth Elf New
    $5Core Stump Smash New
    $5Core Voodood New
    $5Core Warnado New
    $15Core Wham-Shell New
    $5Core Whirlwind New
    $5Core Zook New

    $5Magic Item Anvil Rain Loose
    $10Core Boomer Loose
    $30Variant Core Clear Blue Bash Loose
    $30Variant Core Clear Green Gill Grunt Loose
    $5Magic Item Darklight Crypt level Loose
    $5Magic Item Dragon's Peak Level Loose
    $5Magic Item Empire of Ice level Loose
    $5Magic Item Healing Elixer Loose
    $10Variant Core Legendar Bash Loose
    $10Variant Core Legendary Chop Chop Loose
    $10Variant Core Legendary Spyro Loose
    $10Variant Core Legendary TriggerHappy Loose
    $5Magic Item Pirate Seas Level Loose
    $5Magic Item Pirate Swords Loose
    $5Magic Item Sky-Iron Shield Loose
    $5Magic Item Sparx the Dragonfly Loose
    $5Core Spyro Loose
    $5Variant Core Stealth Elf Loose
    $5Magic Item Time Twister Loose
    $5Magic Item Treasure Chest Loose
    $5Magic Item Winged Boots Loose

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